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Examples of how to refer to a Ph. D. thesis (an academic dissertation)

This page shows examples of how to refer to an academic dissertation. One of the benefits is that it often provides an updated summary of the research field. Yet, surprisingly, this type of reference is quite rare in student reports. It would be best to use it because it’ll make your teacher glad and your text will stand out.

In text

This type of study is quite rare (McCulloch, 2021). The lack of knowledge has also been discussed by Stern (2021).

Reference list

McCulloch, A. (2021). Gold nanoparticle cellular uptake and its implications for cancer therapy. [Doctoral thesis, Queen's University Belfast.] British Library.

Stern, A. D. (2021). Predicting Single Cell Division from ERK and Akt Dynamics. [Doctoral thesis, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai.] ProQuest database